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What are the 3 key ingredients for perfect brows?

When it comes to creating your uniquely natural permanent makeup treatment, there’s a lot more to it than a great shape. Check out my three ingredients to permanent brow stardom! 


The right brow shape has the ability to really open up your eyes and transform how you look. A great brow treatment will do manage this in a way that others can’t quite pinpoint what’s different. Just simply that you look incredible! 
When creating your brow shape, your technician will need to take into account your face shape and structure, as well as your existing brow shape. They will also need to get to know your personal style and understand properly what you want to achieve. 

The brow artistry element of your appointment should always be a two way process to ensure that you are perfectly happy with the shape prior to starting the treatment.

I always give clients plenty of time to look at and discuss their new shape and make any tweaks necessary. They are not my brows afterall, they belong to my clients. So making sure it’s what you want is key!


The pigment blend must be tailored not just to your brow or hair colour but first and foremost to your underlying skin tones for a flattering and natural end result. This is because your skin will act as a tranluscent filter which, when combined with the pigment will alter the appearance of the pigment in the skin. Let your permanent makeup professional guide you on options most suitable for your skin and ensure that they carry out a swath test of different pigments is carried out prior to your treatment.


There are a large variety of techniques which can be applied to create your perfect brow. machine or #microblading hairstrokes, #combobrows and #ombrebrows to name a few.
I will ask you lots of questions during your consultation whilst also assessing your skin so I can get to know you and your brow desires before recommending a style and technique. So don’t worry if you’re unsure what you prefer.

The most natural style is often to follow your individual brow hair growth pattern. This ensures a beautiful natural blend between the hairstrokes and your natural brows. It’s one of my favourite treatment styles I offer because every brow is #unique and special.

If you are considering a low maintenance makeup solution to propel you back into the ‘new normal world’, then get in touch to arrange your free consultation with Flawless by Danielle. Let me help you save some precious time in the mornings.