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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Permanent Makeup Treatment

So you have taken the plunge and had a fantastic permanent makeup treatment. After investing in such a treatment you want to ensure that the results are lasting and look their best for as long as possible, right? Although your skin type will have a role to play, there are a number of simple factors, completely in your control, which will affect the longevity of your treatment.

Initial aftercare plays a crucial role in the quality of the healed result of your permanent makeup

As part of your consultation your technician will take you through the basic aftercare regime required so you know what to expect and to ensure you book and are prepared accordingly. Here are the core aspects you need to follow both immediately after and for the life of your treatment.

The all important first two weeks after your treatment

All good technicians will insist on some basic but strict rules for the first two weeks which follow your treatment and retouch appointment. But don’t worry, it’s really quite simple and easy to follow but very key in ensuring a lasting result.

Hands off!

It can be tempting for some to touch and closely inspect but you really must leave the treated area alone during the healing process so to avoid the risk of any infection or accidentally scratching or removing any scabs. This can led to scarring and will certainly affect the quality of the pigment retention. As such you should avoid applying makeup to the treated area until the surface level healing has completed. This normally takes 8 -10 days. If you want to apply makeup close to the treated area do so with a clean makeup brush or cotton bud to prevent contaminating the area. As dry healing is key you should also avoid washing the treated area for the first two weeks and when cleansing the rest of the face and washing your hair be mindful of your treated area so not to get it wet. If you do get the area wet, don’t panic, just pat it very very gently dry with a clean lint free cloth.

Protect the area from the UV sun exposure.

If you want your brows, eyes or lips looking fab whilst on holiday, then think ahead and book well in advance of any planned sunshine holidays (no sooner than two weeks for initial treatment). Sun exposure directly after a treatment not only affects the pigment retention but also the skins ability to heal due to the additional trauma which the suns rays will have on the delicate skin area. Avoid the use of sunbeds altogether at least two weeks prior to and after your treatment. I also recommend leaving it 4-6 weeks after the perfecting retouch appointment before using sunbeds again.

Don’t get yourself into a sweat!

Exercise is great for us, but the saline in our sweat will certainly have an impact on pigment retention so rigorous exercise should be avoided during the initial two weeks after a treatment. This also means that saunas and jacuzzis and steamy hot baths need to wait.

Going for a dip?

Chlorine can have a bleaching affect on the pigments and as such should also be completely avoided during the first two weeks. I also recommend protecting your fully healed treatment with a barrier such as vaseline as a longer term protection if you are a regular swimmer/jacuzzi goer!


It’s important to remember that although permanent makeup is designed to be a low maintenance solution, there will always be an element of basic maintenance required to keep your brows, eyes or lip treatment looking its best for as long as possible. I have outline below the key aspects of longer term care for a beautiful and long lasting result.

Sun, more sun and Sunbeds

Yes here it is again. We all know the impact sun and UV exposure has on our skin and even a light tan is essentially sun damage. It is also very important to protect the treated area from UV rays as exposure to the suns rays will break down the pigment molecules which in turn speeds up the pigment fading process. Use of sunbeds will also have the same affect. So if you are a sun or sun bed lover be sure to apply sunblock to the treated area to minimise exposure and keep your treatment looking is best for as long as possible.

Taming of unruly brows

As part of your treatment you may have a small amount of brow hair removed or trimmed in order to perfect the shape and overall look. I try to keep any hair removal to an absolute minimum as the results are most natural looking when incorporated with your natural brow hair. However there may be instances where a level of hair removal is necessary to keep the shape looking its best. As part of your consultation your technician will advise what hair they recommend to be removed and will only do this with your consent. After the treatment has healed you will need to continue removing the hair. But don’t fret, this will be far more straight forward than before as the brows will now have a fabulous template to work to making maintenance of hair removal fool proof.

Anti-ageing products

Use of certain anti-ageing products applied to the treatment area can also affect the longevity of your permanent makeup. But don’t worry you can continue using these products you just need to avoid applying them to the treated area. So it’s a good idea to discuss any anti-ageing products you use with your technician who can then advise accordingly.

Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol also have an impact on the breakdown of pigment so bear this in mind.

Medication and skin types

There are also other factors which may be outside of your control such as the use of certain medications. Prior to an appointment a full health assessment is carried out to determine your suitability for treatment which takes into account any current medications. If you are prescribed a medication after your treatment, it’s not all that common but there are some which can impact the breakdown of the pigment in your skin. If this is a concern you have then get in touch with your technician who can advise accordingly.

Skin types also play a very important part in the end result and longevity of your treatment. For example, if you have oily skin then it is likely that the pigment will fade more quickly due to the excess production of oil which in time breaks down the pigment molecules. If you go for a hair stroke brow then it is also likely that the hair strokes will expand more than someone with a more dry complexion. Your technician will discuss your skin type with you during your consultation in order to make the best recommendation regarding treatment application and what to expect.

So although very basic, and not at all time consuming. There are important factors to consider both before you book an appointment and after your treatment to help ensure you get the most out of your chosen treatment. Although some may be out of your control your technician can guide you and providing you follow the basic advice given you should expect a beautiful lasting result. If you are ever in doubt, get in touch and I will be more than happy to help.